Value Proposition

Deep-dive value creation | for APIC Capital can leverage the core competencies of the wider APIC group

Patient capital

Our long-term investment approach allows us to create real-lasting partnerships and see investments through different business cycles

Operational Excellence

Through operating several market-leading subsidiaries for three decades, we bring forward a set of deep operational expertise across functional excellence, systems implementation, planning and reporting and workforce development

Sector expertise and subsidiaries ecosystem

We can leverage our strong core subsidiaries to bring sector expertise as well as potential synergies (e.g., our subsidiaries become customers of our portfolio companies)

Global network and market access

Our global network of portfolio companies, board members, advisors, co-investors allow us to support our companies to access markets for geographical expansion (e.g, help US companies enter the MENA markets, or companies from the levant enter the GCC)

Strategy, M&A and Financing

Our robust team at the APIC Holding and APIC Capital bring deep expertise in strategy, M&A and financing that can support and partner with the portfolio companies leadership